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Abdul Hameed is a guide, not a passer


The launch ceremony of the book 'Vanalayil Eru Waypogan' written by Anbu announcer PH Abdul Hamid was held at Winston Churchill Theater in British capital London on 08.10.2022 on Saturday evening. SK Rajen 'Ulakathamilk Kalaiyakam' and R. Sivagurunathan 'Concern Sri Lanka Foundation' organized the launch of the book 'Vanalayil Eru Lahppokan'. Sri Lankan radio historical hero, incomparable great broadcaster PH Abdul Hameed has written for the first time his half-century history of broadcasting. 50 years ago we had only one broadcasting station. It was then Sri Lanka Radio, today Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Today, after 50 years, Tamil radio stations have proliferated.

Radio stations operate without understanding the purpose of broadcasting. This book written by PH Abdul Hameed tells about the origin of radio in the world. Marks the beginning of radio broadcasting in Sri Lanka.

The contribution of the early broadcasters in Sri Lanka to the broadcasting industry and their role is explained in this book.

It cannot be said that the book 'Vanalayil Eru Pathpokan' written by the beloved announcer PH Abdul Hamid is suitable for casual reading. The book is full of information to help researchers.
This book will greatly help today's young broadcasters to establish themselves as a fine broadcaster. An excellent book to learn the history of Sri Lankan broadcasting.

The book 'Vanalayil Eru Pathpokan' written by the love announcer PH Abdul Hameed, published in America and Canada, was launched in London.

Anandi Suryaprakasam
Anandi Suriyaprakasam of BBC Tamilosai fame presided over the ceremony. book

The one who started saying that he spoke lovingly to Abdul Hamid, who was sitting nearby, began to have a hearing. To that extent Abdul Hamid's book attracted Anandi.

Eelam's senior journalist 'Eelandadu' Mali recalled the beginning of Sri Lankan radio broadcasting and the beginning of global broadcasting, Colombo Radio, Sri Lankan Radio, the first announcer of Sri Lankan Radio, Mr. Sivapathasundaram, the first program producer of Sri Lankan Radio, highlighted many pioneers. Mentioning about the beginning, Mali spoke about the factors that contributed to the broadcasting quality of Sri Lankan Radio and explained the work of S.B. Mayilvaganan and the fame achieved by Sri Lankan Radio through him.

Joachim Kardananandan
In 1967, Sri Lanka Radio Tamil Service's top five announcers were: Joachim Uridanandan, Joachim Fernando, Rajeshwari Shanmugam, C. Nadarajasivam, PH Abdul Hameed. He also mentioned that he is also working in the broadcasting industry like them.

Yasoda is the Maylvagana
Father Radio Ceylon SB Mayilvaganan, Mother Senthilmani. Yasoda Mailavaganan received a standing ovation from the congregation after hearing his mother's voice on the radio and falling in love with her and marrying her. Many of the younger announcers from Radio Ceylon will come home. He remembers Abdul Hameed and Natarajasivam coming home. He said he was happy to participate in the program in the name of his father.

N. Selvaraja
Kovilur Selvarajan hailed the 70s and 80s as our golden age with his poems. Pulavar Nallathambi Shivanathan congratulated Abdul Hameed, who lives with Tamils ​​by talking about the Tamils ​​who have escaped, without coming to the arena.

M. N. M. Anas
Abdul Hamid said that he should speak beautiful Tamil Highlighting what is being said everywhere, MNM Anas spoke about the nature of today's radio broadcasting and highlighted the experience of Sri Lankan Radio Students Forum.

Prof. M. Nithyanandan
Abdul Hamid has become a part of the life of Tamils. He is not a passer-by! Prof. M. Nithyanandan pointed out that Abdul Hameed is a radio industry mentor. Prof. M. Nithyanandan has given an excellent analysis of the book saying that Abdul Hameed appears in this book as a great son who left a mark in the lives of Tamils.

PH Abdul Hameed
He thanked everyone who attended.