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Oru Veedu Koyilagirathu


The cine songs and the devotional light music ruled the roost in Sri Lanka . The late S.K.Para-rajasingam mooted the idea of having our own version of light music and my association with him in this regard was a very rewarding and useful partnership. The next step was Sri Lankan Tamil 'pop-songs'. It was hither to an unheard phenominon in Tamil music. It was the venerable veteran of Tamil broadcating Vivian Namasivayam who very aptly named it as 'Eeelatthu Pop Isai'. For the next ten years it held the sway over Tamil cine-music and in a devastating spell of popularity swept everything before it. It also catapaulted many local heroes and heroines, who also did very well on the monetary side as well with decent income. The man of many faces and the literateur par excellence Sillayoor Selvarasan also became a partand parcel of this scenario with his own lovely lyrics and the lilting mellow voice.

"Isaikolam"(Magic of Music) was another weekly programme which brought out the budding young talents available in Sri Lanka in ample measure.

"Oliparappiley Oru Naal" On a given day what happens in a radio station and how people go about their in producing many apopular programme which captures the imagination of the listening public.It was roaring success. As enlightened as they were. They also became all the more wiser, which made our job all the more easier.

"Meenava Nanban" (Friend of fisherman) : Their loves, lives and longings - a vivid picturisation in words. It touched every aspect of fisher-folks. On the spot recording and even venturing into the sea if occasion so demanded added not only authenticity to this dare-devil venture but also un-interrupted run of three long years of this programme also vouched for its success and popularity and it brought kudos not only to me but also the entire team who worked with me.

Kramathin Idhayam : (Heart of a hamlet) – Yet another programme which took me to every nook and corner of South India, particularly Villages in TamilNadu. Folk-art, music and dance hither to un-fathomed found the day-light. Presented in a unique magazine form, three years flew like no time. Felt happy because I was able to do my bit. Felt sad because it has to come to an end and felt bad because still many an area lie un-heard,un-cared and atrociously neglected by the powers that be.This was broadcast in our South Indian beam hence became all the more popular.

Vetri-Paathai : (Way to success) Even after ten years on the air it is still a craze with listeners because 'motivation, is the main theme of this programme. Who will not want to succeed and who will not to want tolearn ways and means for that if it is presented on a silver platter - sugar-coated as well !!!