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LONDON - The BBC is 100 years old


London - The BBC is 100 years old. Founded on October 22, 1922 as the British Broadcasting Company, the BBC is celebrating its centenary in style. Guglielmo Marconi, one of its six early partners, is what we hail as the 'Father of Radio'. Based on the discoveries of more than fifty scientists who lived before him (including Indian physicist 'Jagdish Chandra Bose'), he successfully conducted his first experimental radio broadcast, the 'river of radio', the first work of art - MARCONI HUT - six years ago, I had the privilege of seeing in person. Adiyen got it through his friend Jayapaladevan. In the museum in Chelmsford, England, the memories of a child's state of mind and the excitement of touching the first broadcasting device - Vaccum tube transmitter - microphones, the bicycle used there are still green as these shadow images. (This was the day it was officially launched, but it was the following November 14th that official broadcasting began from Marconi's studio called 2LO) After the BBC, only three countries started radio. Japan-Peru-Sri Lanka and especially in South East Asia Sri Lanka was the first place where radio started. December 16, 1925 Not only that, it was the first radio to spread Tamil language on the skies and our 'Silangai Radio' should celebrate the centenary of our radio within three years...!!! Are you ready?