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Although this post is a little late, I want to share with you my feelings about the gift of time.

Organized by Tamil Osai Sree Canada Sreeskantha Somanathan (Tamil Osai Sree Canada) on the 12th, Tamil broadcasting's 'Imayam' B. H. Abdul Hameed's book 'Wanalayilil Eru Lajpokan' published by B. H. Abdul Hameed, the moments that caught the attention of B. H. Abdul Hameed, the world's surprising Tamil broadcasting emperor, have been shared as a video compilation.
Even though my broadcasting work has reached a quarter of a century this year, I felt regret, regret and longing that I did not work to attract the attention of B. H. Abdul Hameed, a unique symbol of Tamil broadcasting.

That sadness took hold after I recently said goodbye to CMR Radio. Henceforth, how is it possible that he gets attention..? (Despite having met him in Canada about 2 times many years ago..)
In this context, I came to know through social media posts that B.H. Abdul Hameed's visit to Canada and his first book 'Vanalayil Eru Lajpokan' is about to be published. However, little did I realize then that a huge 'gift' was waiting for me, which I longed for.

A few days later, P. Wikneswaran Paramananthan, one of my broadcast mentors and one of my mentors in the news section, contacted me and suggested my name to do a 'study' on B. H. Abdul Hameed's book to be published in Canada, which Abdul Hameed happily accepted.

...Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Shiva... Isn't it the moment when everyone comes together and gives grace? Can I give an answer other than 'Sure...'? Also, Vigneswaran concluded the conversation briefly by saying that the book will be made available and read it and prepare.

Then there is a sensation of blood pressure rushing to the scalp. In the words of the poet Vairamuthu, '...between the stomach and the throat, a shapeless cylinder rolled...' Then I felt. However, Wigneswaran says it's a dream? Not sure? The struggle is different. One thing should be mentioned here. Getting praise from P. Wigneswaran is like a horse's horn. However, only when some responsibilities are given, his approval can be understood. But I considered his lack of appreciation in open words as a great shortcoming.

In this case, Wigneswaran revealed by recommending me to B. H. Abdul Hameed that I had scored well with him. I am proud that it is the recognition that he gave me, the interest first. Again I place my heartfelt thanks to Wigneswaran.

Thus, I was surprised and awestruck to read the content of B. H. Abdul Hameed's audio-broadcasting experience sharing and documentation of Tamil broadcasting sources, which has passed half a century. Because of our society, which imposes only the goals of becoming a Doctor and Engineer on children, the fear of a penitent who cannot be easily understood.

Also, it is a book that has created a feeling that has traveled with him for half a century, and about the radios, televisions and sound-broadcasters in Eelam, Tamil Nadu and the countryside (except for a few), which have decayed and become degraded for the last quarter of a century, speaking 'Pannithamij', spitting out words and phrases. He shared his pain. His writing also expressed my long-standing fear that such a situation would endanger the remaining media outlets that still operate on the basis of good Tamil.

However, as the term 'study' is inappropriate for me in relation to the work of someone who is a university of Tamil broadcasting, I recorded my feelings, opinions and understandings in my own style. Is it satisfactory to Abdul Hamid or not? I am very satisfied. The day turned out to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Meanwhile, a delicious reminiscence. 25 years ago, when I was participating as an intern on Sri Lankan Radio's 'Tomorrow's Generation' program, B. H. Abdul Hameed passed us with a small smile as we walked past the recording studios with fellow interns one day. Then when we saw him, we bowed and writhed and moved to show our respect for him in our body language. Then, I said to my fellow coaches, ...that once upon a time, we can be proud that we walked next to Mamedhai's Abdul Hameed...

But, after 25 years, the moments when that 'Mother-in-law' put his hand on my shoulder, hugged me, squeezed my arms and expressed his love was a state of ecstasy that cannot be expressed in words. Only one show.. only one stage.. I am very happy that I have given all my blessings. Also, he shared with me his grief that due to the delay in the start of the stage show, '...the trouble you took (the text) did not get proper recognition...'. I would like to humbly share that those words, request and opportunity equaled hundreds of recognitions for me.
Also, I would like to reiterate my heartfelt thanks to veteran audio-broadcaster V.N. Mathialagan, who took my boom as his boom and praised me in public for my speech.

Also, my most amazing thanks to P. Wigneswaran, who, as a never-before-seen surprise, gave a certificate on stage saying that your speech was good.
And, as usual on that day, a bow to 'Kalaivani' who entered my tongue and protected me.
Finally, a big thank you to Mr. (Perinpanathan Sinnathambi Kandiah) and brother (Kajan K Parasakthy) who captured those happy moments as photographs.